For our exclusive new drop, VERSE ENTERPRISE will be partnering with Trans Student Educational Resources to help raise awareness for Trans Day of Visibility on March 31st, and to be able to help give back to an ever growing community. Trans Day of Visibility is dedicated to celebrating ALL that identify as transgender, while providing advocacy and awareness to the hardships and discrimination that trans individuals face throughout the world. All profits from this project, made in the month of March, will be directly donated to TSER help provide Transgender youth the educational resources and support they need to be themselves.
VERSE’S ‘ I EXIST ‘ project was created by trans people for trans people in recognition of the challenges that come with being confrontational about our identities. We at VERSE find that confrontation among the trans community can be one of the hardest steps to finding truth in who you are, especially throughout the trans youth community. A lot of trans individuals find that it is much easier on the day to day to be non-confrontational when someone incorrectly identifies them instead of standing up and speaking out about who they really are. Confrontation is scary, especially when it involves something as personal as the way we might identify.
These tees were created to help start conversations by using a product that does the talking for you. The strong messages on the shirts are not only bold and honest, but they are an empowering reminder to oneself that “I do exist.” WE ALL DO! In a world that's not fully educated on the amount of people that struggle with just being themselves on a daily basis, it’s important that we as a generation lift up and learn to be confrontational not just for ourselves but for all the voices everywhere that aren’t as fortunate and privileged to be themselves. You exist. I exist. We exist!